About Us Award winning cocktail dispenser

TenderOne is the first cocktail dispenser of its kind

Invented and designed in Germany it has already been serving thousands of people fantastic cocktails & soft drinks on the continent for over 5 years. The award winning cocktail dispenser counts by a tenth of a centilitre which ingredients are needed for up to 200 different cocktail recipes. This allows your regular barman to make cocktails in as little as 5 seconds, leaving valuable time for adding flair and theatre to the occasion.

The TenderOne cocktail dispenser was the personal design of a German industrial design engineer, Wolfgang, who worked in a factory that produces and designs beer taps. An avid cocktail lover, Wolfgang designed the machine in his spare time. His idea was to take cocktail making into mainstream barlife without compromising on the quality or experience.

After selling the machine in Germany and Austria, the TenderOne team in Holland developed a new model for the machine. Deciding instead to lease it on a pay as you go system meant the cocktail dispenser was suddenly a viable option for bars and restaurants across the country. The subsequent success of the leasing plan encouraged its development in countries such as Spain and Belgium.

In April 2014 the TenderOne team was awarded with London Hotelympia’s prestigous award for innovation encouraging the team to open its first UK operation.

In January 2016, TenderOne UK launched the BottleTender to appeal to smaller bars and restaurants and those customers who wish to showcase specific brands.