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Spiced Pumpkin Martini

Cocktail of the Month – Spiced Pumpkin Martini

The Spiced Pumpkin Martini is the perfect tipple for Halloween There are a number of ways to make one. In our simple recipe we combine Vodka, Licor 43 (to infuse those marvellous vanilla tones) triple sec, lemon juice and Monin Pumpkin Spice Syrup. For a more sophisticated look we suggest you garnish with a cinnamon […]


Autumnal Twists for your Cocktail Menus

When periodically changing your menus, simple, seasonal twists on classic cocktail recipes is often the way to go. Winter shouldn’t be about eliminating refreshing drinks but instead making them more seasonally appealing. Try replacing white rum for dark rum in your Daiquiri or add a smoky whisky to your Martini. Unexpected ingredients such as honey […]


Is your bar making the most out of Social Media?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Vine, Snapchat, TripAdvisor… It is no secret that the world has become one big global community. Conversations have been taken online, and this can either make or break your pub, depending on how you handle it.   By using Social media you can use your words and […]


Cocktail of the Month – Maple & Thyme Whisky Sour

Maple & Thyme Whisky Sour The simple addition of maple syrup and a couple of thyme sprigs take this traditional sour to new autumnal heights. Thyme adds a herbal woodiness, and the maple is a wonderfully sweet and smoky replacement to the superfine sugar traditionally present in a whisky sour.   55ml Whisky 20 ml Lemon […]



Trip Advisor Responses – What Looks Good?

Is Trip Advisor boosting your sales or is it your worst nightmare? One things’s for certain, its too important to be ignored. So what’s good strategy and how can you draw in more customers with glowing reviews? Reply ASAP Make it the job of one of your employees to be on the constant lookout for any new TripAdvisor reviews. […]



Sustainability behind the Bar – How you can Improve

According to the National Restaurant Association sustainability is an important factor to consumers when choosing a bar or restaurant to frequent. We all know the world is changing – going green is a smart business move. As technology evolves further, so it’s becoming easier to save the environment one recycled napkin at a time. Not only will opting for […]


Streamline your Bar with Alternative Cocktail Solutions

Cocktails can make tricky customers. They require a great deal of time and effort to construct, & most are notoriously challenging to perfect. Is it any wonder that bars and their bartenders are increasingly turning to new solutions, such as draught cocktails, to streamline the creation process and make their lives a little easier. In recent […]



Cocktail of the month – This señorita needs a Margarita

This classic cocktail is renowned for being zingy, tarty and satisfying. There are many stories of people laying claim to the coveted title as the inventor of the Margarita but none have been accredited. It should be common sense to figure out where this delicious cocktail originated from…Margarita…Tequila… MEXICO! However, there is no evidence to prove that this […]


Ice TenderOne Cocktails UK

Cocktails and their most vital ingredient – Ice

When people talk about ice, too often the mind wanders to those cloudy, misshapen ice blocks that you last spotted in your freezer, stuck to a bag of frozen chips. This kind of ice would hardly do when constituting a main ingredient in a cocktail. The job of ice in cocktails is far more complex than just a coolant. […]


Imbibe London

Global Trends – Imbibe 2016 and our Lesson on Simplexity

At this year’s IMBIBE I took a front row seat for a chat with Jamie Jones on the hottest trends hitting the bar scene around the world. Jamie Jones is the globe-trotting group bars executive at Jason Atherton’s The Social Company. He was just popping into Kensington to do his presentation before heading off to […]