Cocktail Garnishes for Christmas!

Why not go the extra mile this Christmas and give all your cocktails a Christmassy makeover. There’s no need to change the ingredients, just a tweak to the garnish will be enough to impress your customers.

Here’s five great ideas to be getting on with!

  1. Sugar Coated Cranberries. Put a couple on a cocktail stick for any festive tipple. Also look great combined with mint or any other green herb for that matter.
  2. Pomegranate seeds. These are great for decorating at anytime of year but their beautiful rich red colour obviously lends itself perfectly to Christmas. They will float effortlessly on top of any cocktail and look great combined with a bit of greenery. Try Rosemary or Thyme.
  3. Mini Gingerbreadmen. A perfect compliment for your espresso martini?
  4. Spice. A cinnamon stick makes a great addition to a whisky sour or old fashioned or why not try a star anise and some cloves in your gin & tonic.
  5. Candy cane. Particularly good for martinis. Hang it over your cosmo for good measure!