Cocktail Trends for 2017

With the New Year fully underway we’ve now heard from specialists across the industry on what they think lies ahead for 2017. So what can we expect to see in the cocktail world? I’ve summarised some of the predictions below.

  1. Back to Basics

I love this first prediction. We’ve been saying it for ages! Don’t over complicate things. Here’s what some of the industry gurus say:

“2017 will see the return of the classics. Abandoning extravagance, bartenders will focus on cocktails that use few ingredients.”

“Next year, we predict a move towards classic serves — nothing weird or obscure, just simple ingredients done properly.”

“Mixology bars are passé. People are tired of waiting 25 minutes for a master mixologist to make a cocktail with obscure hard to find ingredients. Fresh, simple, local!”

“Fresh and simple cocktails will continue to grow as opposed to umpteen-million ingredient cocktails.”

  1. Hospitality and service are prioritised over what’s in the glass

I love this one too! Good service is back at the top of your local bartender’s to-do list. Taking your job seriously is a good thing. Taking yourself too seriously is not. And with an emphasis on good service again, the knowledge and expertise that serious bartenders have can be shared with guests and leveraged to create a great experience. Here’s what the experts predict:

“A more relaxed attitude towards service. Less white gloves, more high fives.”

“Bartenders putting the fun back in to their drinks and service.”

“Going back to the roots of hospitality, to giving great service.”

“Fun bars and hospitality. Everyone is making good drinks, which makes providing a fun and lively experience critical.”

“There is a growing segment of the craft cocktail world that is finally realising we are not curing cancer, and to stop taking everything so seriously.”

“Timing is very important. People like great drinks but don’t want to wait 45 minutes for them. It’s more important than ever to execute cocktails of the highest quality within the shortest time possible.”

  1. Mood and Personality-Based Cocktails

This is perhaps the weirdest yet arguably most interesting trend of 2017. Cocktails based on your personality and emotions. The traditional menu may be a thing of the past as bars are forgoing names of cocktails in favour of moods. Order up a red drink to stimulate confidence or black for discipline! Or perhaps a stimulating cocktail, a happiness cocktail or a relaxing cocktail as speakeasy bar Barts in London have recently introduced.

  1. Sustainability

2017 is going to be the year bars rethink their produce. The word sustainability has been batted around the industry in hushed terms for the past few years and little has changed so far — but things seem to be gaining momentum. We’re going to see the bar world learn to reuse all the fresh stuff they’re throwing out each night, from citrus rinds and pulp from juicing to harnessing trash from local cafes. Cocktails can be a wasteful business but it looks like 2017 will hit the industry hard with ways to minimise waste and still make delicious drinks. Everyone should get a TenderOne for a start me thinks!