Tips & Tricks from Pub 17

I popped into Kensington Olympia this week to visit the Pub17 exhibition. It’s a great show to while away a few hours and seek out some genuinely good ideas and inspiration.

In the equipment sector, dispense systems, mainly for beer, were a big feature. Brewfitt was one of those exhibiting and they claim to be able to save pubs between 3k and 5k a year, not to be sniffed at! They provide an online calculator where you can work out your potential savings, check it our here.

As you might expect at a pub show there was a lot of beer on offer. It got me wondering…. with so much choice, how do pubs decide which beers to serve and when? That’s when I came across “There’s a Beer for That.”

Launched a couple of years ago by some of the biggest names in the industry the website tells you all sorts of useful info on new beers, low alcohol beers, what glasses to use and even ideas for dining with beer. They have an expertly matched beer and food-pairing menu and an equally wonderful guide on what beers to serve with desserts. I have to say their website is a little gem for the beer novice and for those seeking out of the box inspiration.

Sticking with the beer theme, I had the pleasure of sampling a new “no alcohol” premium beer. This sector’s going to get bigger, I’m sure of it. Gone are the days when ordering a non alcoholic beer horrifies bartenders and customers alike ….. the future generations are drinking less alcohol and we need to cater for them. In more moderate drinking countries in Europe, such as Spain, the non alco beer sector already caters for 25% of the market. And with the craft beer sector going crazy its no wonder that companies like FitBeer, that I met today, are developing a premium pour. With only 66 calories a bottle it’s also likely to attract the more body conscious crowd.

On the food front, there was more gluten free, meat free & dairy free options than I have seen at an exhibition in a long time. This trend is definitely not going away. Don’t know where to start? Try Emily’s Veggie Crisps. They are delicious, gluten free & vegan friendly, low in fat and calories, halal & kosher certified and bloody tasty. From French beans and edamame beans to sweet potato and crunchy apple. These are crisps I would order my kids and not feel guilty.

Finally, the stand with the biggest queue, at least when I went past, was No Hangover. They are certainly not the first company to claim they can prevent a hangover but these guys seem quite serious, in fact they guarantee that their vitamins will ensure you have no hangover if you adhere to their instructions. Not surprisingly they are interested in selling to the wholesale pub market. And well, lets face it, if you can make a quick buck selling these things whilst encouraging your customer to have yet another cocktail (because clearly he’s not going to have a hangover with this wonderful concoction you’re offering him)….. it’s a win win. If it works that is. I need to find a guinea pig to test them on and report back.