Events Speed, precision & control

How can TenderOne Cocktail Machines help with your Event Cocktails?

The TenderOne makes a fantastic addition to any large or medium sized event or festival by:

  • Combating queues by preparing event cocktails & soft drinks in as little as 3 seconds
  • Eliminating spillage, waste and give aways
  • Reducing the need for highly trained personnel
  • Offering unrivalled control over the quality and consistency of drinks

Festivals & Sports Events

With its ability to speedily pour up to 600 cocktails an hour, TenderOne offers a fantastic way of serving craft cocktails to large crowds in a short space of time. We have previously worked at grand prixs, horse racing, music festivals and regattas.

The TenderOne makes perfect sense for festival organisers who want to have everything under control. The TenderOne software is able to show you exactly what event cocktails have been sold. The problem of waste and over pouring is eliminated. And you can rely on your regular bartenders to prepare a superbly crafted cocktail.

We guarantee substantially more revenue income than more traditional methods and just as much fun!

Corporate Events & Weddings

The TenderOne is a great attraction at corporate events and weddings. Its innovative design and technology attract as much attention as the event cocktails themselves.

Our compact portable machines come fully equipped with all the necessary ingredients, taking up a lot less space than more traditional cocktail bars. We are able to serve up to 600 fantastic tasting cocktails an hour.

Taste Guarantee

When it comes to pleasing your guests the quality of your mobile cocktails is of upmost importance.

To produce our drinks we work with Herman Jansen, an award winning and family run Dutch distillery that has been producing spirits & liquors for over 300 years. All our juices and syrups are 100% natural & sourced from the best ingredients on the market.


Perfect cocktails


Eliminates waste & spillage


Anyone can use it


Handy on-screen instructions