Our Service

Leasing with no Capital Outlay Pay per cocktail you sell

We offer a variety of different payment options. This includes both renting and pay as you go.

How our leasing arrangement works

When you lease a cocktail machine from TenderOne our goal is to take the stress out of your cocktail making. We therefore provide you with everything you need to start generating income from the first day.

  • a 16, 24 or 32 line cocktail machinecocktail dispenser
  • free installation in your bar
  • premium quality bag in box ingredients
  • easier stock taking
  • training of personnel
  • cocktail menu advice and programming
  • valuable sales data reports
  • any necessary maintenance

What costs are involved?

There is no capital outlay required to benefit from the TenderOne machine. We simply ask that once you start using the machine that you pay us a fixed amount per cocktail that you sell. The cost per cocktail will depend on the package that is most suitable for your venue and the amount of cocktails that you are expected to sell. Our prices are extremely competitive and we would expect our customers to increase both turnover and profit margins once the system is installed. Contact us for more information on pricing.



How quickly can I get started?

Once we have agreed the package which is right for you, we have a lead time of approximately 3-4 weeks. Machine installation and staff training will take one day.

Which cocktails can I have on my menu?

The TenderOne has a database of literally hundreds of cocktail and soft drink combinations and our team will happily advise you on menus to suit your venue & circumstances. We work closely with a team of top London bartenders who can create a selection of house classics and exciting alternatives specifically for your venue. The TenderOne machine is easy to program and tweak so you can add to, or change, your menu as regularly as you want. For more information on our ingredients click here.