Our Machines

Award winning accuracy Perfect measures in under 3 seconds

TenderOne cocktail machines measure to the millilitre which ingredients are needed to produce a range of cocktail & soft drink recipes. Spirits or mixers are lead to the shaker or glass by means of separate lines ensuring every ingredient is individually & freshly poured. These automatic bartenders enable endless ‘cocktail on tap’ combinations with no spillage, waste or over pours. Our customers can literally increase their bar profits overnight.


Who can use it?

The cocktail machines can be used by bars, pubs, clubs, hotels & events as a tool for dispensing accurate measures and ensuring consistency. They provide a great way to make sure that your less experienced personnel are creating fantastic tasting cocktails. With the aid of a touch screen computer, the dispenser provides photos and finishing instructions, leaving your bartender plenty of time to add personality to the occasion.


Our ingredients

All TenderOne ingredients are fresh. We use absolutely no ready made cocktail mixers. Our customers automatically have access to our extensive drinks selection but can also opt to work with specific brands of their choice. TenderOne ingredients come in a handy ‘bag in box’ system which means less storage space, less breakage, a longer shelf life, easier transportation and a considerably lower carbon footprint.

Our spirits and liquors are meticulously crafted by a traditional Dutch distillery, Herman Jansen. Herman Jansen is a family business from Schiedam that has been producing spirits since 1777. In 2012 the Organisation of World Spirits awarded Herman Jansen with the Distillery of the Year award in recognition of their achievements.

Which cocktail machines are right for your venue?

We currently have 16, 24 and 32 line cocktail machines, which can be built into your bar/dispensing room. The more lines you have the more cocktail possibilities are at your finger tips. All spirits and liquors can be stored up to 20 metres from your bar area. Our built in machines are suited to bars that sell in excess of 200 cocktails per week.

Our recently launched BottleTender, as its name suggests, produces cocktails from bottled ingredients of your choice. The product is portable, versatile and an excellent option for smaller spaces and bars or restaurants with low/moderate cocktail turnover. It’s an ideal tool for bars starting out in the cocktail world or for those that wish to showcase specific brands.

Our portable cocktail machines are fantastic for festivals, events, hotels and stadiums. The TenderOne cocktail dispenser can serve up to 600 cocktails or soft drinks in an hour. Its a great way to combat queues and attend to your public/guests during peak hours.



How much space do I need?

One of the key benefits of the TenderOne system is its space advantage over a more traditional cocktail work station. Our built in machines sit on top of your bar rather like a beer tap and takes up as little as 60cm of your bar space. This includes the dispenser head, drip tray with glass rinser and the refrigeration unit for the fresh ingredients. All spirits and liquors can be stored up to 20 metres from your bar area.