Perfect Cocktails

Finest Quality Ingredients Sourced from premium suppliers

The TenderOne makes Fresh Cocktails – Not Premix Cocktails!

Our cocktails are precisely measured, consistent in taste and wonderful in presentation. There is absolutely no premix or post mix involved. The beauty of the TenderOne cocktail machine lies in its ability to create perfect tasting cocktails in a short period of time without the help of premix cocktails & mixers or ready made cocktail syrups.

With TenderOne, bartenders are no longer restricted to jigger measures. The dispenser can pour to within the millilitre making it possible for all your bartenders/mixologists to create a perfect cocktail everytime. All our machines are easily programmable and our customers can upload their own recipes or refer to our library of tried and tested classics.

We offer our customers a complete range of premium quality spirits, liquors, cocktail syrups & juices. We’re also happy to work with existing suppliers or premium brands of your choice.

Our Spirits & LiquorsHerman Jansen images

Our spirits and liquors are meticulously crafted by a traditional Dutch distillery, Herman Jansen. Herman Jansen is a family business from Schiedam that has been producing spirits since 1777. In 2012 the Organisation of World Spirits awarded Herman Jansen with the Distillery of the Year award in recognition of their achievements.


Our Juices and Syrups

All our juices & syrups are natural & sourced from the best market ingredients. Unlike premix cocktails & mixers, with the TenderOne you can taste all the individual ingredients which form to make your cocktail.

TenderOne ingredients are available in a handy ‘bag in box’ system which means less storage space, less breakage, a longer shelf life, easier transportation and a considerably lower carbon footprint.