Soft drinks

A Refreshing Alternative In a high growth market

Consumers are increasingly looking to the non alcoholic drinks market for new flavours and experiences.

With its exciting range of juices and syrups the TenderOne can help you wow your customers and outshine your competitors with some truly fabulous soft drinks combinations.


Our fresh juices can be used together with our syrups to create some wonderful smoothie combinations. From classics such as mango & strawberry to more exotic lychee & guava or elderflower and green apple, its hard to beat these healthy and refreshing juices.

Lemonades & Sodas

The market for flavoured lemonades and sodas is on the up. Using our combinations of syrups you can create some fantastically refreshing soft drink alternatives. Why not try our lemonades with blueberry, white peach, pomegranate or watermelon.

New! TenderOne Iced Teas

The ideal refreshment for those hot summer days! Our bag in box iced tea can be combined with any of our flavoured syrups to create a refreshing and healthy long drink in a matter of seconds. Why not try a sparkling lychee or passion fruit and strawberry.

All of our natural ingredients come in a handy ‘bag in box’ system which means less storage space, less breakage, a longer shelf life, easier transportation and a considerably lower carbon footprint.