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10 reasons to install TenderOne

  • Perfect measures in 3 seconds

  • Substantially increase sales

  • Eliminates waste & spillage

  • No technical expertise needed

  • No more over-pouring or giveaways

  • Simplified stock taking

  • Sales data & reporting

  • BiB drinks save money & space

  • No capital outlay required

  • Flexible leasing options


Which Countries do you ship to ?

We only represent TenderOne in the United Kingdom.  For other countries please log on to

Can I Lease or Rent a Machine ?

Would you like to start making profits from the first cocktail you sell?  We have various leasing plans which enable you to hit the ground running without any front end costs. Our machine rental starts from as little as £14 a day.�

We also supply on a "per serving" basis.  This includes spirits and juices and all maintenance.  We also provide a weekly graphic showing sales and trends.

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