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Bar Top Machine

Our recently launched BottleTender, as its name suggests, produces cocktails from bottled ingredients of your choice. The product is portable, versatile and an excellent option for smaller spaces and bars or restaurants with low/moderate cocktail turnover. It’s an ideal tool for bars starting out in the cocktail world or for those that wish to showcase specific brands.

Built in Machine

We currently have 16, 24 and 32 line cocktail machines, which can be built into your bar/dispensing room. The more lines you have the more cocktail possibilities are at your finger tips. All spirits and liquors can be stored up to 20 metres from your bar area. Our built in machines are suited to bars that sell in excess of 200 cocktails per week.

Mobile Machine

Our portable cocktail machines are fantastic for festivals, events, hotels and stadiums. The TenderOne cocktail dispenser can serve up to 600 cocktails or soft drinks in an hour. Its a great way to combat queues and attend to your public/guests during peak hours.

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